Portraits of birds
Luxembourg Gardens, Paris
Le Louvre, Paris
Venetian Lagoon
The Salute, Venice
Egret in Mexico
Egrets in Ceylan
Banks of Seine in Andelys
Countryside of Picardy
Wheat field
Fields of Picardy
Cypress in Tuscany
In the Amazon rainforest
Blue heron
Gray heron in Casamance
Herons in Casamance (1985)
Hydra (Greece)
Arno in Florence
El Escorial, Spain
Compiègne forest
The blue house in the Amazon
The blue mosque
The Seine river in Mézy
Hardricourt County
The Fabricio bridge, Rome
Pont Neuf bridge, Paris
The Tiber river in Rome
The Tréguier river
Flooded Park, Meulan
Le green "galant"/gentleman
Lemons of Capri
The Buckingham geese
Egrets in the Amazon
Daylight of Rome, Italy
Indian house on the Amazon
Mangrove in Casamance
Kingfishers in the Amazon
"Mouillage de la Corderie"
Blue clouds
Amazonian white bird
Fishing bird
Birds in Tangalé
Birds on the Nile
Bridge on the West Lake
Bridge on the River Tiber
Salvador de Bahia
Northern Land
Venice Grand Canal
Venice Palazzo Ducale
Venice mooring stakes
Venice San Giorgio Maggiore
Norman Vexin
Village in Normandy, France
Village of Picardy, France
Houses of Parliament, London
Hydra at sunset
Paris in Autumn
Hossegor, View from the garden
Hossegor, Villa
Olive trees in Villepasson

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