Forêt-Fouesnant in Brittany, France
Sailboats in Quiberon, Brittany
Green turret, Brittany
Off Belle Isle
Off Lorient
South of Piraeus
Boat in Audierne, stormy light
Blue and red boats
Fishing boat
Fishing boat at anchor
Mist in Bournemouth
Off headland
Blue sailboats at Port-Blanc
Chapel in Bréhat
Rainfall in Brittany
Orange sunset
Sunset in Kuramathi
Green island
Dawn in Brittany
Quiberon Bay
The yellow buoy
Monsoon in Mauritius
The green pole
The pink veil
The red buoy
Sea swell
The burned sea
The tip of the castles
The brown veil
The Gulf of Morbihan
The loch Miquel
The Touquet
The old blue ship
The old ship
Côtes d'Armor, Brittany, France
The two piers
The seagulls and the sea
The rising sun at sea
Sunrise in Brittany
Daylight of Brittany, France
Brown marine
Marine (Saint Victor)
Mooring at Lullworth Cove, England
Arrival at Ploumanach
Mooring in Morbihan
Mooring on Dart River England
Gray clouds in Morbihan
Oyster bed in Morbihan, Brittany
Port Navalo
Tudy port
Fishing boat returning to Tréguier
Greek coastline
Breton coastline, France
Rocks in Mauritius
Evening in Brittany, France
Obscured sun
Storm in Brittany, France
Old yellow boat
Old red boat
Breton village, France
Village in Brittany, France
Yellow sailboat in Brittany, France
Sailboat in Phuket
Sailboats on shore
Sailboat in Alcudia
Sailboat in Carnac
Seashores of Brittany
Sailboat in Mauritius
Sailboats in Bénodet
Sailboats in Maldives
White sailboats
Sailing boats in the Gulf of Morbiha
Vougliameni, Greece
Backlight at Port-Blanc

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